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We offer the following products: Momentum Health4Me, Universal Worker Plan, Discovery Primary Care and Stratum Essential Primary Plus

What is Primary Health Care?

Primary Health Care is affordable healthcare available to companies and individuals who cannot afford the cost of registered Healthcare options available in South Africa. Company’s struggle to balance the Health Risk of low-income employees with the costs involved in registered Medical schemes, and therefore will not cover their employees. Now, at a very affordable cost to the employee or company, the healthcare risks and health-related consequences involved with absenteeism and decrease in productivity levels can be managed by the company with Primary Health Care.

Primary Health Care is not a short/long-term insurance or medical scheme product, nor is it registered as a medical scheme and/or governed by the Medical Schemes Act. The product does not cover private hospitalisation but only day-to-day benefits and are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act No 85, 1993 and the Mines Health and Safety Act No 29, 1996 as well as other relevant statutory regulations.

Why is Primary Health Care important to employers?

EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES Giving employees the advantage that the product is the right thing to do. Companies are empowering their employees to take care of their own health, therefore improving their lifestyle and ensuring a better life expectancy.
EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES Giving employees access to private, quality healthcare on a daily basis dramatically improves the illness trends that cripple companies.
PRODUCTIVITY Healthier employees are more productive.
LESS ABSENTEEISM Healthier employees are less absent.
CREDIBLE SICK NOTES The credible sick notes that employees receive from a quality, private healthcare provider reduce the challenge of sick-note management
LOYALTY Companies that sign up to primary health care generate loyalty among their employees.
DECLINE IN STAFF TURNOVER Loyal employees stay in the employment of their company, causing a down-turn in staff turnover rates.
TAX DEDUCTIBLE The company contribution towards primary health care may be tax-deductible in terms of section 11(a) of the ITA.
BEE SCORE POINTS Employers may earn BEE score points when introducing when the Primary Care provider is classified as a Value Adding Supplier with a level 4 BEE certificate. Our clients can, therefore, claim R1.375 (R1.10 x 1.25) in each rand as BEE procurement spend.