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Why will you need an International medical cover?

South African registered medical schemes are available for members of South African citizens and benefits will only be paid to South African registered service providers. Certain medical schemes will have limited international cover only for emergencies available and for a fixed period. This implies that any person/s or employee/s that resides outside the borders of South Africa for business purposes will not have medical coverage in the country they work, therefore they will have to pay all in-and-out of hospital expenses out-of-pocket, that can be expensive, especially when the rand exchange rate is compared to that of other currencies.

International Medical Cover will cover a person or employee the same way as a South African registered medical scheme and will normally have a variety of plans available to compare in terms of affordability. Certain conditions for membership will apply and may be waived with the registration of larger groups. The currency applicable for payment of premiums may also vary.

International Medical cover will be a must for companies in South Africa that has office branches or business operations in other countries, therefore ensuring that the healthcare needs of their employees are met. The possibility of employing skilled workers and keeping them on payroll will increase when the International cover is included as a fringe benefit to their contract of employment.

We offer the following International Medical cover e.g. BUPA, Liberty Health Blue, Discovery Africa Benefit