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What is Dental Risk Insurance and why do I need this cover?

Medical schemes are continually decreasing their dental benefits that lead to the situation where members have to pay for dental claims from available Medical Savings or out-of-pocket, depending on their medical plan. Financial pressure because of the South African economy lead to the fact that members cannot afford comprehensive options with dental benefits and will either pay-out-of-pocket for dental claims or neglect their dental treatment on Medium- to low options with none or limited dental benefits. This will normally lead to the situation where members will deplete their MSA and will not have benefits available for other important claims. Dental Risk Insurance is a short-term insurance product that offers 4 options from basic to comprehensive dental cover.

Membership to a registered medical scheme is not conditional for registration on Dental Risk Insurance therefore, you may register on the product without a medical scheme. There is a 3 months and 6 months waiting period before benefits will be paid out. The affordable premiums for Dental Risk Insurance will enable you to keep your current medical scheme option or downgrade and to use your benefits for more important out-of-hospital expenses.

Certain procedures e.g. orthodontic treatment etc. on Dental Risk Insurance will need pre-authorisation before the procedure is done. This product is still relevant new to the dental service providers and they may request that you pay for the procedure and claim from Dental Risk Insurance.

Premiums vary from R50 to R359 for the principal member with cover from R20410.00 tot R235 170.00 per beneficiary per annum (see product brochure in download folder)