Afrikaanse Weergawe


As independent financial consultancy we dedicate ourselves to be up to date with the latest insurance- and medical scheme trends and products available, to enable us to offer you as our most valuable asset the best and most suitable Healthcare- and Financial solution to cater for your specific short –, medium- and long-term financial need/s , backed by customer centred focus, excellent service, support, respect, professionalism and shared commitment and dedication to deliver the highest quality service.


CMAC was established in 1990 and with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare- and insurance environment, we offer you the expertise and financial advice you will need to make an informed choice regarding your specific financial need. We offer our clients access to a wide variety of Medical Schemes and Insurance- and Investment products, and advice on selecting the most appropriate healthcare cover available to cater for your specific needs.


Please provide as much detail as possible about yourself, your dependants and specific Healthcare –, Insurance- or Investment need/s. We will evaluate and analyse the information in order to advise you on the most appropriate en affordable product/s available. We will also contact you if we need more information. Please, have peace of mind that all information you provide to us will be confidential.